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We have a large variety of well maintained hand and power tools for all kinds of projects.

Hand Saws

We have a range of hand saws all sharpened and maintained to make your life easy. 


Squares & Rules

We have a series of square and rules from small to large to suit nearly every project.

Hand Planes

Our range of hand planes, spoke shaves and other planing tools allow you to create marvelous crafted pieces



Our range of chisels is extensive.


All maintained in a sharp condition ready to use to make those perfect dovetails, refine to angles and fit pieces snugly together for invisible joins.



We have large range of clamps from small to large sash clamps.


The sash clamp ends can be removed and attached to timber lengths to make even longer clamps.

Power Tools

We have drills, biscuit joiners, routers and a range of other portable electric and battery hand tools.

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