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Frequently asked questions

How often are you open?

We aim to be open 7 days a week.

We are closed Good Friday, Easter Sunday and ANZAC Day.


We also have an annual shut down for 2 weeks from 21 December 2024 to 5 January 2025.


On occasions we may close our club earlier than the advertised hours if there are no members present 90 minutes after opening time. All our sessions require a Member on Duty to be present for safety purposes and we respect their time – so if no-one else is present the Member on Duty is authorised to close the work shop. Therefore, we encourage members to arrive on time to start their projects.


Our club operating hours are subject to amendment and are displayed in this website.

Do you teach woodworking?

Our club does not provide structured woodworking classes nor are we an educational provider. 

Our members are expected to be self sufficient and be able to operate machines and hand tools in an independent and safe manner.


Our membership has a diverse range of skills and there is a high degree of knowledge sharing and collaborative project work through which individual skill levels improve through time and effort.

What is your membership fee structure?

There are three components:

  1. A one-off Joining Fee of $200. The purpose of the Joining Fee is to contribute to asset renewal i.e. machine and tool replacement and other major works around the club.

  2. We offer two levels of membership:

    • A basic membership  fee of $125 per annum. Members choosing this level of membership also pay $5 every time they attend a 3.5 hour session.

    • A “Gold Pass” option of $110 per annum that is payable on top of the Basic membership of $125 per annum. Members choosing the Gold Pass option do not pay the $5 session fee. Approximately 60% of our members choose the Gold Pass option in view of the value for money this provides, particularly for those who are regulars at our club. Doing the maths, The Gold Pass pays for itself within 22 sessions and is a bargain for those members who attend regularly.

  3. Our annual fees are calculated on a Financial Year basis and are pro-rated depending on when a membership application is approved.

What is the minimum age for membership and how do I join?

We are unable to accept applications from people younger than 18 years of age. 

If you are interested in our club, please visit our workshop during club hours and meet with the Member on Duty who will show you around and provide some general information.

There are application forms in the club office – all applications should be made in person after visiting our workshop and at least a conversation with the Member on Duty.

All applications are subsequently reviewed by the club’s committee before any decision is made.

No payment will be accepted until the application has been approved by the committee.

What safety gear do I need at the club?

There are a few things that you should have when you are at our club.


You need to be aware that the workshop is quite a noisy and industrial environment that requires a safety mindset and respect for the people and machines that you are interacting with:

  • At your induction you will be issued hearing protectors and a pair of safety goggles. You are at liberty to provide your own if what is provided does not suit you. However, use of safety eyewear and hearing protection is mandatory when operating machines.
    Note: normal reading/driving spectacles are not classified as safety glasses.

  • You must wear enclosed toed footwear. This does not need to be steel capped. However any open toes footwear such as sandals, thongs or bare feet are not permitted for safety reasons.

  • Clothing needs to be appropriate for a workshop environment – any loose clothing and hair needs to be secured to prevent entanglement with machines. 


The Member on Duty is authorised to request a member’s compliance with the club’s safety requirements.

What kind of timber can I use?

Our members use a variety of timbers ranging from MDF, Plywood, reclaimed timber through to highly prized native and exotic furniture grades. 

All timber must be checked for metal e.g. nails, screws, fasteners and moisture content before any milling or cutting is conducted. The club has metal detectors and moisture meters for these purposes.

Painted or varnished and grit bearing surfaces must be stripped to bare timber before being milled on machines.

Any damage to club equipment arising from metal, stone or moisture in the timber will be reviewed by the committee. If the damage is attributable to operator misuse, the member may be counselled and the cost of damage may be re-charged. A good way to approach the matter is to be careful and avoid the incident.

Our club specifically prohibits the use of treated timbers such as treated pine sleepers or other chemically treated stock. Please do not ask for exemptions as they will not be provided.

Can I buy timber at the club?

We are not a timber supplier so members bring their preferred materials.

Occasionally, we do receive donations of timber and tools from the public e.g.deceased estates, people clearing out their garages, etc. These timbers are assessed, graded for club projects and we do at times make them available for purchase by members.

What tools do I need?

The club has a comprehensive range of machines and hand tools.

We are likely to have nearly any tools that you need – however:

  • Some of our very aspirational woodworkers bring their own hand tools, measuring equipment, fine chisels and planes and jigs. There’s always some healthy banter when someone brings in their equipment that has a “wow factor”.

  • Members use their own timber, glue, biscuits, sandpaper, dowels and other consumables. Our club does not provide these for general use.

  • We encourage members to contribute to the club by making jigs and fit outs that are for club use.

  • Some of our members have donated tools, machines and jigs for club use. We encourage all members to contribute their time, skill and effort to helping our club.

How can I contribute other than just through the membership fees?

Our club depends on our members' goodwill, time commitment, and financial help. Our success to date has been through the help (time, effort and financial) by many of our members.

We encourage all new members to be upfront about how they can contribute so that we can help them.

We always welcome members who volunteer to take on positions of responsibility such as being a Member on Duty, assisting with maintenance and housekeeping, organisation, or fundraising activities. If you are a community minded person we would love to hear from you.

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