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Wood Carvers' Gallery


Frank Duyker teaches wood carving at Waverley Woodworkers

Frank has been carving wood for decades. His influences are broad and include: Aboriginal, Oceanic, African and Scandinavian art and design.

Joining Waverley Woodworkers in 2012 was a turning point for him as it enabled him to combine sculptural and mixed media techniques with fine wood working.

For environmental reasons he favours reclaimed wood and also likes to experiment with found objects, particularly from computers and musical instruments. One of his first mixed media boxes was made from antique organ and violin parts.

An image of this box appeared on all the promotional material for the 2014 Toorak Village Sculpture Exhibition. The next year he was commissioned by the Melbourne Fringe Festival to produce a large mixed media sculpture entitled "Thank you for buying a combobulator".

In 2019 he won two prizes at the VWA Piano Transformation Challenge for making a piece of furniture and a sculpture out of piano parts.

During the COVID lockdown in 2020 he moved in a completely new direction by designing and making clock faces.

He has had four one-man shows and has exhibited in Lorne Biennial, Montalto, Toorak Village, Yering Estate, Tesselars Sculpture, Fringe Furniture, the Victorian Woodworkers Association and many other events and venues. 

Waverley Thanh Duong.jpg

Thanh Duong's wood carving at Waverley Woodworkers

Thanh is an artist in painting and sculpture.

Joining WWI in 2013 to learn general wood working and have the ability to build what she desires.

From making canvases and frames for her paintings, the 8-Shaft Table weaving Loom to learn weaving.

She painted the front mural for Waverley Woodworker and ‘Little Free Library’ box for Monash City.

Eventually she learned wood turning, making boxes and Wood carving.

Major carving subjects are Australian gum leaves and nuts. She enjoys learning new skills in all arts and crafts.

See Thanh's work below

Rising Sun
Bed Head
Box Of Memories
Tasmanian Tigers
Small Valet
Egyptian Robot
Kangaroo Hat Rack
Examples of Frank's work
Examples of Thanh's work
Japanese dolls
Wild West cowboys
Highrise housing
Australian flora
Weaving loom
Typically Australian
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