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This is a wonderful facility for all interested in working with wood. Whether you're a woodturner, carver, toy-maker, box-maker or general woodworker, we have wonderful facilities with professional equipment and a great community of welcoming people. We welcome diversity and are very inclusive.


Every session is manned by a volunteer Duty Member who will focus on keeping people safe and can usually assist with the operation of machines and suggest techniques.

Joining is easy. Start by coming to see the facilities to make sure they are right for you and they offer what you need, then submit an application.

We keep our fees low so offer exceptional value for money.

The benefits of membership include:

  • Access to the Club and use of all equipment.

  • Discounts at woodworking and equipment suppliers with whom we have established relationships.

  • A monthly newsletter.

  • Social events.

  • Access to the monthly presentation evenings and demonstrations.

  • Use of donated timbers.

  • Access to the knowledge and expertise of other members.

  • A friendly and inclusive atmosphere.


“I'm so glad a friend suggested I came and have a look at the club. I am an avid woodworker who now has access to equipment I simply could not afford and expertise from others. The club has been an absolute winner for me”

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